Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 2012

Long time since I have posted on my family blog.  I keep up my other two blogs pretty well, but I seem to neglect this one. So I will very quickly update...
Andy moved into our home in August, and his family joined him in November.  They just moved out this week.  Adam and Kim moved in sometime in October, I think, and Kayden, Sawyer too of course.  I think they are going to be moving out this month, or that is what they told me. 

Dennis was called to be the Bishop of our ward in July of this year, and was sustained in August.  He has done a tremendous job up to this point. It has been so wonderful to see the inspiration he receives each time he does anything.  I don't begrudge any time away from me because he is doing such good for so many.  It makes me even love him more than I ever thought I could.  Some peoples love stagnates alittle when they reach those golden years, but I have to say that the different ways we each are growing, makes me love him even more than I thought I was capable. 

My callings in the church are behind the scenes, and I put together the ward bulletin each Sunday, published the Ward History, and I am also publishing the Bishopric message each fast Sunday.  It keeps me busy, and I also go with the Bishop from time to time, when he needs a second person to be with him for a visit.

Molly, Jenna and Jenny are all three pregnant.  So far we know that Molly and Jenna's babies are boys, but we don't know yet what Jenny's will be.  She has had dreams for years and recently telling her and showing her that she is going to have some Big boys like their daddy Jake.  Hopefully by her next appointment and ultrasound, we will all find out if her dreams have once again come true.  We just pray for a healthy baby, and if he or she comes with Achondroplasia like it's mommy, well we will love that little one and take care of his needs, just like we know how to do.  Jenny will be a marvelous little mommy and this baby will bless all of our lives!  So with that, and three little grandchildren being born this year, we will have a grand total of 13.

Well that is enough update for now.  I will need to insert some photos too, and that will tell it's own story and update this timeline.
Signing off for now..... Katie

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Sundays ago, Dennis was sustained and set apart to be the new Bishop of our ward. Chris flew down so that he could be with the rest of our family during this wonderful event. While family came cameover for a bite to eat after our meetings, Brinley began telling jokes. Her jokes were not very funny so Chris sat down and helped her come up with some that were funny. Here are the jokes that they wrote down and got some laughs. Many of them relate to our family members, so for them to be funny, you would have to know the person in the joke.

Chris and Brinley’s jokes ( July 10, 2011)

1. What did Molly, Glen and Brinley get for Christmas 5 years ago? ( a lump of Cole)

2. What is Grandma Katie Gougers favorite Snack? (Graham crackers)

3. What should a tree do, if it is sick of getting picked on? (leaf)

4. What is a bubbles least favorite drink? (Pop)

5. What is the name of Bishop Gauger’s favorite place to shop? (Bee –shop)

6. What is a woman’s favorite kind of Bee? (Ru-by)

7. What did the dentist say on the Judges stand? (I promise to pull the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth)

8. Where does a seamstress relax? (on the Sew-fa)

9. What is the floor’s favorite type of animal? What kind of animal sells flooring?(a Rep- tile)

10. What did the song say when it was accused of being naughty? ( It wasn’t me it was HYMN )

11. What is Adam and Kim’s favorite book? (The adventures of Tom “SAWYER

12. What is a sheeps favorite state? (EWE-tah)

13. What is Chris and Jenna’s favorite chocolate candy? (Bliss)

14. Where does Matthew sleep at night? (On the matt)

15. How bad are Max’s temper tantrums? (to the Max)

16. What is Andy’s favorite character on the Flintstones cartoon? (Betty)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Events of June to current

I am trying to update my blog and use it more as a journal to keep track of events and share them with my family.  So much has happened, and I have taken lots of pictures so I wanted to make sure to share all of them.

Yesterday, July 10th was quite a momentous day in Dennis' life.  Two weeks ago, he was called by the Stake President to become the new Bishop in our ward.  Yesterday was the day that he and his councelors were set apart to serve for the next 5 years.  Dennis was very nervous in the morning before he went to the early morning meetings, as he had so much on his mind.  He would be speaking, what would be the reaction of the ward when his name was read... who to call to fill the positions, and on and on were in his mind.

With humility and expressing his own personal need to grow and become the Bishop that he wanted to be, he shared his feeling about this call in Sacrament meeting.  He did a great job.  He shared a quote about Charity that he thought should be the "Theme' if you will, for the ward about serving, loving and caring for others.  He shared several other quotes he has found from our Prophets about seving as bishop.  She shared his testimony, his love for his brothers and sister and his wife and children. It was a wonderful meeting.

During the meeting, his sister Paulene and brother in law Dave, said that they saw the face of Paul Gauger, Dennis' father, on his face.  Linda, his sister saw her father in Dennis as well.  Interestingly enough, I had taken down to Paul Gauger's grave, a little 4th of july windmill, and while I was there, I spoke to Paul and Marcelene, and told them of this event that they would be so proud of their son.  I told them to drop by if they could.  I realize this was a tall order for them, but it appears that they did visit, through their son as he was made Bishop.

After our meetings, those who came to church with us, and later on, others, who could not attend, dropped by our home for a nice family meal.  We visited on our deck and inside, and it was so nice to sit down and chat with everyone.  Finally Dennis arrived home from all his meetings, and everyone were able to visit with him. Paulene, Jenny, Molly, Mom (Connie) and sister Robyn, all helped me prepare the wonderful meal, of a variety of salads, chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, and Molly's wonderful iced sugar cookies and peanut butter fingers and chocolate cupcakes.  YUMMY!

We were both so gratified with the love that our family members showed, and the efforts it took for them to come and be a part of this wonderful once in a lifetime event in Dennis' life.  Those who came to Sacrament meeting were... Dennis' brothers and sisters, Polly & David, Linda and Dale, Brent and Sonya and two granddaughters, and Dix Davis.  Our children came...Adam, Kim, Kayden & Sawyer, Jenny and Jacob, Molly, Glen, Brinley and Cole, and Chris even flew in for this occasion from Wyoming. Others who attended were my brother Harold and wife Kathleen and grandaughter Madelyn, Robyn and son James drove up for the day in Orangeville,  Daniel, Jenifer and Sidney. 

Andy and Betty and kids moved to Guatemala a couple weeks ago.  They flew there, and only took the things that they could fit into quite a few large suitcases.  They took all the rest of their belongings to the DI or gave them away.  We spent the last week that they had here with us doing fun things like the dinosaur museum and the Noah's Arc water park at Thanksgiving Point.  We had cousins and lots of fun.  I will add photos as I can to have a pictorial of our fun.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birds of a feather flock... together down the Jordan river.

We don't even need to leave our home to see some splendid wildlife that like to visit the Jordan River.  This year has been the year of the Pelican.  They are really pretty birds, and in years past, we have only seen a couple together floating down the river.  For some reason, one day a whole flock of them just meandered down the river together.  It was a beautiful sight.

Another day, I heard Dennis calling to me from his office, telling me to look out the window.  There was a bunch of geese and their babies, going out for a nice swim.  I have never seen so many floating on the river at one time, at least looking our our windows.  It was so fun to see them. 

We have lots of mallards on the river too, but this year they have been alittle more scarce.  We do see some of these little birds that I have snaped their photos below.  I am not sure what they are called, but they have a long beek and they dive.  One minute you see them and the next they are diving and swimming underwater.  Once they surface, they are definately not in the same place that they dove.  Dennis says they are underwater looking for fish and such to eat for dinner. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did we see any Wildlife in Jackson Hole or Yellowstone?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.....

We saw elk by the hundreds, but all closer to Jackson Hole.  The Moose were seen on the way to Jackson and by Jenny's lake.  When we were in Powell, or driving there, we also saw lots of ____.

More pictures from our trip to Wyoming

Max and Matty both caught the stomach flu the day before we arrived in Powell.  Both little boys seemed to not be able to stop throwing up, infact, they didn't stop until the day before we left.  (5 days)

 Max was as sick as Matty and he just laid around most of the time. Thes two sweet little boys didn't complain but just laid around on the floor with blankets in hand because they were too weak to stand.
Matty was pretty sick and weak when he was opening his Birthday presents, and wasn't able to get very excited about much of anything.

Chris' birthday was the day after the twins, and we gave him a tent and some blow up mattress, so that he could take his family on camping trips this summer.

The day before Dennis and I left Chris' house for Jackson, Chris and Dennis gave the little boys blessings.  It was such a wonderful feeling inside the home as they administered to these little boys who sat so still for their blessings.  The power of the Priesthood was felt in their home and the Lord looked down on these two sick little boys and helped them sleep through the night and continue to get well.  No more vomiting that next day and they have begun to get their strength back.  There is no better feeling of security and well being than to know that the Power of the Priesthood is in the home to bless and comfort in times of need.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Well, the rains came down and the floods came up like it says in the song... but so far the house on the rock stood still. We are hoping that our house will be there when we return home from our trip to Wyoming.  It has rained in Utah and here practically the entire week, so we are hoping that things will be fine.  Have you ever prayed for your house?  I have, as we are right on the river, and I have prayed every night that Heavenly Father will protect it while we are away.

Today is the last day of our week long vacation.  We are in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and arrived rather late in the afternoon yesterday.  Today we plan to go to Jenny's lake and maybe into Yellowstone, if the roads aren't closed because of flooding and rain.  The neat thing about all of this is that the wildlife has really come out and we have seen all kinds.  TONS of Antelope, and Elk.  Lots of buffalo and deer as well.  We have even seen several moose.  When we get home and I have time to download the pictures, I will insert them on my blog.  It is such a thrill to see these little seen animals.  We pull our car over and enjoy watching them.  Yesterday the buffalo just walked over by our car and looked at us, like "What the heck you looking at?" 

I will close for now as we are going to breakfast. 

Here are some of the pictures that we took of our wonderful trip.

Grandpa and his grandkids.

Blyss and her new teddy bear.

Matty was sick and let Grandma Katie hold him alot!

Max and Matty took turns opening their Birthday presents.

The whole family got into the action when it was time to open Birthday Presents

Max looking into his Birthday bag, that Grandma and Grandpa brought for him.

When the kids were well enough to go outside, we took them to a car show
that was held in downtown Powell. Max loves cars and trucks of all kinds
and posed in front of one of the cars.

This photo ended up lookind like Matty was for sale, as he was positioned
directly under the for sale sign.  Sorry, Matty isn't for sale but that cute
little VW Bug is.

Chris' whole family at the Car show in Powell.

After the car show, all of us walked down the street and ended up at a
music store.  Matty likes to play the drums so he posed for a picture by
this great drum set.  He kept on asking, "Where are the drumsticks?"

We sawe this cute red guitar, and Max didn't want his picture taken
so Matty posed for it too.
Chris and Blyss at the car show. 

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Question...How many candles come in the box?

Question...How many candles come in the box?
Answer: It doesn't matter anymore, at our age, we feel good if we only buy one box! Happy Birthday Dennis.

Welcome to!

I am glad that you found us, as I have changed the blog address. I had the blog all figured out, or I thought I did until my daughter in law Kim, came over tonight and showed me what I was doing wrong. I had not realized that the Posting was my posts, as I thought it meant that others could post on my blog from that. Now I know and I have actually been changing the entire blog so here I go again. I have just posted some things but I have more to go tomorrow, or the next day. I will get the whole family photos up soon for everyone to enjoy.

Dennis and I are enjoying our new home and the roominess that we feel. It is so quiet too, and we barely notice that there are storms brewing unless we look out the windows. We have taken advantage of having our "Connie Zarbock Basement" that we christened our "Thanksgiving Room" in honor of my dad. The story there is that when he was taken off dialisis and given only a few days to live, we wanted to make his last days the happiest he had known, so knowing he would not live to get to eat his turkey leg for Thanksgiving, our whole family jumped in and planned Thanksgiving for the very next day. We had Thanksgiving at our home in Alpine, and the rooms were small and 35 people who came were pretty cramped. Dennis and I determined if we ever got another home, we would have a room large enough to have family parties and such with enough space to not feel cramped. Thus... our Thanksgiving Point, Thanksgiving Village, Thanksgiving Room at the Gaugers home.

We have had a baby shower for Kim and a Christmas Party for our Smith Family and a Neighborhood Progressive Christmas Dinner in our Thanksgiving room just since we moved into our home in the middle of October. It has been great fun and we intend to have many more parties and gatherings over the coming years!

We invite our friends and family to drop by our home for a visit and a quick tour of our home, just give us a quick call first to let us know you are coming.

Friday, Feb. 22, 2007

Dennis and I were suppose to be in Reno for a few days, but I was lucky enough to catch a horrible sinus, bronchitus and asthma cold all three combined and I couldn't go. Dennis was all packed and ready to go himself as it was business for him, and the day of the trip he woke up coughing and not feeling very well either. By the end of the day, his cold had progressed fast. I am glad that he didn't go because he would have been down flat in Reno and would have had to go find a doctor too. What a sick pair we are. We must apologize to any or all who read this if they caught our colds, but we don't know who so generously gave them to us. Oh well, tis the season!

Becky and Tom stayed with us for the past week. It was fun to have them here however they had lots on their agendas to do. I told them they needed to stay 2 weeks the next time they come so they can move alittle slower and enjoy alittle longer. I need to thank Tom for the eggs he fixed me when I was too sick to cook, and also for the repair he made to our kitchen bar. All with a smile too! Thanks Becky for the errand in looking for the saline nose spray and such. It has seen some good useage lately! The second bottle, I just presented to Dennis today! I promise to not get sick your next visit and wait on you instead of going into fever-collapse mode.
The concert was the highlight of the visit and your misic was spectacular! Remember the deadline is coming right up for your next submission!

Its wonderful to live in "Thanksgiving" daily!

Hope you enjoy your visit to my family blog. We invite you to come back again and again to see all the updates!