Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 2012

Long time since I have posted on my family blog.  I keep up my other two blogs pretty well, but I seem to neglect this one. So I will very quickly update...
Andy moved into our home in August, and his family joined him in November.  They just moved out this week.  Adam and Kim moved in sometime in October, I think, and Kayden, Sawyer too of course.  I think they are going to be moving out this month, or that is what they told me. 

Dennis was called to be the Bishop of our ward in July of this year, and was sustained in August.  He has done a tremendous job up to this point. It has been so wonderful to see the inspiration he receives each time he does anything.  I don't begrudge any time away from me because he is doing such good for so many.  It makes me even love him more than I ever thought I could.  Some peoples love stagnates alittle when they reach those golden years, but I have to say that the different ways we each are growing, makes me love him even more than I thought I was capable. 

My callings in the church are behind the scenes, and I put together the ward bulletin each Sunday, published the Ward History, and I am also publishing the Bishopric message each fast Sunday.  It keeps me busy, and I also go with the Bishop from time to time, when he needs a second person to be with him for a visit.

Molly, Jenna and Jenny are all three pregnant.  So far we know that Molly and Jenna's babies are boys, but we don't know yet what Jenny's will be.  She has had dreams for years and recently telling her and showing her that she is going to have some Big boys like their daddy Jake.  Hopefully by her next appointment and ultrasound, we will all find out if her dreams have once again come true.  We just pray for a healthy baby, and if he or she comes with Achondroplasia like it's mommy, well we will love that little one and take care of his needs, just like we know how to do.  Jenny will be a marvelous little mommy and this baby will bless all of our lives!  So with that, and three little grandchildren being born this year, we will have a grand total of 13.

Well that is enough update for now.  I will need to insert some photos too, and that will tell it's own story and update this timeline.
Signing off for now..... Katie


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Question...How many candles come in the box?

Question...How many candles come in the box?
Answer: It doesn't matter anymore, at our age, we feel good if we only buy one box! Happy Birthday Dennis.

Welcome to!

I am glad that you found us, as I have changed the blog address. I had the blog all figured out, or I thought I did until my daughter in law Kim, came over tonight and showed me what I was doing wrong. I had not realized that the Posting was my posts, as I thought it meant that others could post on my blog from that. Now I know and I have actually been changing the entire blog so here I go again. I have just posted some things but I have more to go tomorrow, or the next day. I will get the whole family photos up soon for everyone to enjoy.

Dennis and I are enjoying our new home and the roominess that we feel. It is so quiet too, and we barely notice that there are storms brewing unless we look out the windows. We have taken advantage of having our "Connie Zarbock Basement" that we christened our "Thanksgiving Room" in honor of my dad. The story there is that when he was taken off dialisis and given only a few days to live, we wanted to make his last days the happiest he had known, so knowing he would not live to get to eat his turkey leg for Thanksgiving, our whole family jumped in and planned Thanksgiving for the very next day. We had Thanksgiving at our home in Alpine, and the rooms were small and 35 people who came were pretty cramped. Dennis and I determined if we ever got another home, we would have a room large enough to have family parties and such with enough space to not feel cramped. Thus... our Thanksgiving Point, Thanksgiving Village, Thanksgiving Room at the Gaugers home.

We have had a baby shower for Kim and a Christmas Party for our Smith Family and a Neighborhood Progressive Christmas Dinner in our Thanksgiving room just since we moved into our home in the middle of October. It has been great fun and we intend to have many more parties and gatherings over the coming years!

We invite our friends and family to drop by our home for a visit and a quick tour of our home, just give us a quick call first to let us know you are coming.

Friday, Feb. 22, 2007

Dennis and I were suppose to be in Reno for a few days, but I was lucky enough to catch a horrible sinus, bronchitus and asthma cold all three combined and I couldn't go. Dennis was all packed and ready to go himself as it was business for him, and the day of the trip he woke up coughing and not feeling very well either. By the end of the day, his cold had progressed fast. I am glad that he didn't go because he would have been down flat in Reno and would have had to go find a doctor too. What a sick pair we are. We must apologize to any or all who read this if they caught our colds, but we don't know who so generously gave them to us. Oh well, tis the season!

Becky and Tom stayed with us for the past week. It was fun to have them here however they had lots on their agendas to do. I told them they needed to stay 2 weeks the next time they come so they can move alittle slower and enjoy alittle longer. I need to thank Tom for the eggs he fixed me when I was too sick to cook, and also for the repair he made to our kitchen bar. All with a smile too! Thanks Becky for the errand in looking for the saline nose spray and such. It has seen some good useage lately! The second bottle, I just presented to Dennis today! I promise to not get sick your next visit and wait on you instead of going into fever-collapse mode.
The concert was the highlight of the visit and your misic was spectacular! Remember the deadline is coming right up for your next submission!

Its wonderful to live in "Thanksgiving" daily!

Hope you enjoy your visit to my family blog. We invite you to come back again and again to see all the updates!